We represent companies and individuals in high-stakes litigation in both state and federal courts. We are commercial and capital markets litigators and have been at the center of some of the most complex and well-publicized legal battles coming out of the financial crisis. Our team includes some of the most experienced Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities (RMBS) lawyers in the country. We are trial counsel for major financial institutions in unfair competition, breach of contract, business tort, trade secrets and trademarks, and RMBS litigation – and we protect our verdicts on appeal.


Our clients are sophisticated in-house counsel, entrepreneurs, and investors. They trust us with multi-billion dollar negotiations and bet-the-company litigation, and we provide honest, informed advice. They value our aptitude for strategic and creative thinking. We are national counsel for major financial institutions precisely because we see the big picture – we become part of the enterprise.


We understand the multifaceted nature of complex litigation and have the ability to quickly identify key legal issues, recognize important business considerations, and account for the human emotions at the center of all litigation. Our execution is laser-focused. It takes work, research, and analysis to drill down to the 5 or 10 points that matter. Many ideas are left on the cutting room floor, but the product is clean.


We run our firm more like a legal department than a litigation boutique. Our ability to balance the scope and strategy of litigation with the financial and business considerations of our clients allows us to contain costs. Our structure is lean and nimble. Our bills are fair. We understand the pressures in-house counsel, business people, and entrepreneurs are under. If there’s an arrangement that works, we’ll find it.


We don’t plug and play our structure into whatever case walks in the door. We staff matters in the way most suitable to the case and the client. In addition to our core group of partners and associates, we modulate our team with a dedicated and talented group of attorneys that are available as the need arises. This allows us to staff larger matters appropriately without the overhead. We also allocate work to the professionals — including non-lawyers — at the most appropriate billing rate for the task. And, we often co-counsel with lawyers or firms who add a new dimension that’s needed in any given case. Our agility has been the key to our success.