Maritza Dominguez Braswell Joins DBJ Table of Experts on Breaking the Glass Ceiling: A Discussion with Colorado Leaders

There is a change occurring in Denver and it’s not just the local construction. As companies evolve, the mythical “glass ceiling” for women is crashing in many places.

Sure, the “Old Boys’ Clubs” are still around. Men still dominate the majority of executive roles. “Breaking the Glass Ceiling,” a Denver Business Journal Table of Experts panel discussion, offered insights and experiences of women who have ascended to leadership roles in their respective local businesses.

Many of the panelists learned how to balance relationships, families and friends. They know the struggles and joys while being the person in charge at their work roles. They’ve also endured the snide and sexist remarks, learned how and when to deal with career issues and setbacks – yet they have discovered ways to persevere through difficult times and march toward better futures.

The panel included Suzanne Johnson, president of First Western Trust’s Denver office; Maritza Dominguez Braswell, Managing Partner of Rollin Braswell Fisher LLC; Tasha Jones, Director of Marketing for Forest City; and Keo Frazier, Vice President of Marketing for McWhinney.

Denver Business Journal Publisher Pete Casillas conducted the question-and-answer session. Read the full article.

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