Marsha Piccone Featured in Law Week Colorado Article “RBF Law Expands with Former Appellate Judge”

A year and a half after opening its doors, RBF Law is growing. RBF opened in October 2015 with a group of attorneys who shared a Denver litigation firm pedigree of having all worked at both Reilly Pozner and Jones & Keller. Since the beginning of the year, the litigation-focused firm has added five attorneys to its list of partners and associates — though two came as promotions from full-time staff attorney positions. Anchoring the list of additions is former Colorado Court of Appeals Judge Marsha Piccone, who joined in May and bolsters the firm’s appellate practice.

“The first year … it felt like we were in a row boat and we were in some pretty big waves and got just over the top of the wave. But then a couple times, we looked around like, whoah if the wave gets any bigger, this is going to be a tough one to get over,” partner Caleb Durling, said “We got through that first year and felt like we made it, we’re doing ok, the bills are all paid, the lights are on, and in order to do what we think we need to do now and in the future we just need a little bit more bandwidth.” Read the full article here.

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