RBF Law is Changing the Game, One Case at a Time. An Original Law Firm’s Year in Review

Greenwood Village, Colorado – The founders of RBF Law set out a year ago to practice civil and commercial litigation differently. For RBF Law, being an “original law firm” is part of all aspects of their business model and litigation techniques. Two months ago, the firm celebrated their one year anniversary. Managing Partner Maritza Braswell said, “When we started RBF we knew it could be something special, but we had no idea there would be so much support from our community of friends and colleagues. We are grateful for an incredibly successful first year, and we look forward to many more.”

The RBF Law year anniversary was commemorated with a small cocktail party with some of the biggest names in Colorado law and business in attendance. Over appetizers, the guests learned about how RBF Law managed to do away with the aging model of a law firm to pave the road for something new. Here is what the RBF Law partners had to share about how being original has led to success in one of America’s oldest industries:

Be Service Oriented: RBF Law is a resource for their clients and their clients come first. As commercial lawyers, they learn their clients’ businesses inside and out to strategically address their legal issues. The firm’s ultimate goal on every case is to efficiently provide the best legal advice and services possible. Every client at RBF Law is provided with consistent and focused litigation services, as well as, individual attention.

Be Cost-Conscious: The RBF Law partners made a decision to keep the firm’s overhead low. This is seen in multiple ways ranging from the choice of office space that is outside of downtown Denver to the use of time-saving technology. The firm utilizes a streamlined case management technique and employs a flexible staff of contract attorneys. RBF Law passes all of these savings along to their clients.

Be Diverse and Inclusive. RBF law is intentionally diverse and is headed by one of the only Latina managing partners in the country, Maritza Braswell. The firm provides each client with a smart and unique legal team that have a blend of different life experiences and backgrounds. The firm’s fundamental diversity and modern management style makes them better lawyers and