RBF Law Partner Michael Rollin Featured as Lawyer of the Year by Law Week Colorado

Mike Rollin’s signature legal work— handling mammoth financial industry litigation in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis — arose from a day at the park. Rollin remembers pushing his daughter, a toddler back then, on the swing set. “And next to me was a fellow pushing his son, who was a similar age, on the swing, and we got to talking. He was an in-house lawyer at a Lehman Brothers affiliate in Lone Tree, and we became friends.” That was just before the fi nancial crisis, and Lehman would later retain Rollin in the subsequent wave of litigation Lehman faces to this day. Rollin has worked on virtually all of the company’s mortgage-backed securities matters over the past 11 years. Out of his two-year-old boutique in Greenwood Village, Rollin Braswell Fisher, Rollin deals in mortgage backed securities, financial services and capital markets litigation. RBF Law serves a range of clients in Colorado and elsewhere, though Rollin’s work has primarily been in New York. Read the full article.